Board Subject Topics Posts
Welcoming Board Feel free to come and introduce yourself, and meet our wonderful members! 9 70
The Helpful Board Come here for any questions, concerns or site support you need! 2 10
Staff announcements and PSAs Just any sort of important announcement from staff! 3 4
the Library A place for both official and user-submitted guides! 5 9
Art and Coding Storages For all your creative needs! 37 348
Premades and Shops Free to use premade templates and shops for templates and art! 5 32
Character Galleries For character galleries, bios, and general information about your characters! 43 144
Character Adoptions and Family Guides For the plotting and adoption of characters. Remember to use the prefix related to your roleplay! 0 0
Chats, Plotting and OOC Discussion 4 30
Astera 1 2
Wedor 2 4
Chrysalis 0 0
Other Territories 0 0
Northern Ranges The northern quarter of the island, a land of fire and steep mountains, derelict deserts and solemn ruins. 0 0
Eastern Steppes The eastern quarter of the island, the land of wind, of tall airy forested mountains, silent temples, and floating islands. 0 0
Southern Coast The southernmost quarter of the island, a land of water and ice, with sunny beaches, timeworn cliffs, and great glaciers. 0 0
Western Woods The western quarter of the island, a land of wood and earth. Trees and grass stretch as far as the eye can see. 0 0
Central City the dead center of the island houses the central city, a place of metal and stone, ornate and modern, where the lost gather and the found return. 4 19
Territory Listings Mini guides for the territories of the Eternal Expanse. Read the pinned thread before posting. 2 3
Fandom Roleplay Anything based on an existing property; video games, anime, TV, movies, books etc go here! 0 0
Original Roleplay For your original ideas and concepts, make threads here! 0 0
1-on-1 roleplay For private, 1-on-1 roleplay threads. 0 0
Interest Checks and OOC plotting For all your OOC needs regarding roleplay outside of the main games. 0 0
Advertisements Looking to advertise your own site? have we posted on yours? post your advertisements here! 2 2
Nightmares An original roleplay created by Coo. 1 13