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[ Guides ] Animal Character Creation Guidelines
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Hiya and welcome to Griffonage's character guidelines - specifically for the animal RP! Please see below for our rules regarding character creation and the powers said characters can have! if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask in the helpful board!

Characters and playable species
While this RP is primarily 'animals', mythological creatures, extinct animals, original species and hybrids are allowed. The only sorts of creatures that aren't allowed are extremely anthropomorphic creatures, such as humans, 'furries' or creatures such as minotaurs or sphinxes; in the furry terms, this is solely a "feral" roleplay. Unless it's a naturally bipedal animal (birds, kangaroos, etc), all animals must be quadruped.
·         Animals have a strict height limit of 20ft / 6 meters, and any larger has to be staff approved.
·         So long as they're beneath that limit, mythological creatures such as dragons, kitsune, wyverns, unicorns, etc are allowed.
·         Hybrids are also allowed, and are usually defined as creatures with the traits, features or limbs of other creatures, mythological or otherwise (ie a cat with horns and a draconic tail, manticores (minus the human face), traditional hybrids such as savannah cats, wolfdogs, etc) Hybrids are usually considered to have 'odd genes', and their children can carry the same traits, along with other mutations
·         Mutations are also similar to hybrids, but are usually just extra 'things' tacked on- wings, horns, tails, spikes, scales, etc – and pass down similar to hybrids. Some other mutations can be venomous fangs/tails, etc
·         Robots and Androids are allowed, but only if they can take permanent, lasting damage, and in the case of it, can die. This is something that applies to all characters, but has to be stressed for robotic characters.
·         Characters with the possession power can become a ghost after death and possess a new body (or stay in an incorporeal form) and while they can essentially live forever, any character can be reincarnated and live again, although likely without their memories and knowledge at first. That can be recovered later, or not at all.

Characters can have powers in addition to their mutations. Powers go from the usual 'bending' style – control over fire, water, wind, electricity, earth, light and darkness – along with stuff like manipulation of scents/smells, growing plants by touch, inducing hallucinations, telepathy, telekinesis, etc. Most powers can be found in the 'shop', where they can be bought to be displayed in a character's inventory. The powers in the shop are as follows:
·         Air Elementals – the ability to control and breathe wind.
·         Character Bond – the ability to bond with a specific character, feeling their emotions, pain, and having a general sensing feeling of where they are.
·         Dark Elementals - Ability to become a dark shadow, conjure shadows, and create brittle reinforcements for limbs.
·         Dream Walking - invade someone else's dreams (with permission), influencing the location and feeling of said dream.
·         Earth Elementals - the ability to create small tremors, rock and sand projectiles, grow minor plants/vines, and shift earth.
·         Fire Elementals - the ability to create and absorb fire.
·         Frenzy Form - take a stronger, feral form, where you can’t tell friend from foe.
·         Healing Aura - speeds up the natural healing of the body in real time.
·         Induce Hallucinations - cause brief, realistic illusions to appear for a specific target.
·         Invisibility - ability to turn invisible, can be scented and heard, but invisible to the naked eye.
·         Item Conjuration - the ability to conjure an object from somewhere else, or to a lesser extent, create an object from the mind.
·         Light Elementals - Allows you to conjure small sources of light and create temporary hardlight objects.
·         Manipulate and Project Emotions - Manipulate another’s emotions and feelings.
·         Memory Manipulation - the ability to alter or erase another’s memories.
·         Pain Transfer - take away another’s physical pain, and transfer it to the user.
·         Possession - the power to possess another body that is not your own, either an NPC or another character, with the roleplayer’s permission.
·         Scent Manipulation - the ability to mask, distort, change or replace your own scent.
·         Shapeshifting - the power to shapeshift into another body of your own devices/preferences.
·         Shrinking - the ability to make yourself smaller - but no smaller than 10 centimeters.
·         Sonar Vision / Echolocation - Allows the user to use echolocation to see otherwise invisible/distant objects.
·         Sound Manipulation - ability to soften/silence the sound the user makes, or to make something louder, ie a distraction.
·         Super Speed - allows the user to move quickly, with some limitations.
·         Telekinesis – Move, raise, float etc objects with your mind.
·         Telepathy - mentally connect to another’s mind to talk, or send images.
·         Teleportation - Quickly teleport from one place to the other.
·         Temperature Manipulation - heat up or cool down either yourself or an inanimate object - it cannot be used on other characters.
·         The Sight - The power to see ghosts, and to see visions into the future.
·         Water Elementals - the ability to create, absorb and manipulate water.
Buying the powers isn't 100% necessary, nor is only using these powers – if you have a new/unique power idea, please message a staff member to get our approval.

These rules may be amended or updated over time, but if anything changes, we'll let you know in an announcement! We don't want to hinder anyone's creativity, so as long as it isn't extremely overpowered, we're usually happy to let it slide. Thank you for reading, and have fun!
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