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DON'T BE KIND. intro.
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I want you to fear me!
this wasn't the first nor would it be the last time she ended up here. she was just lucky that even in the patch of enemies, she was lucky enough to make some friends. well, maybe that was stretching it. she did not have friends. she had business partners. in what business, you may ask, but it was nothing honest. stealing. small things like bags of coins, or food. but she couldn't always pull this shit off so she managed to meet some people with her same interests. people who owed her favors. they watched shere khan and vader, her horse and dog, while she was locked up, and she was very glad to be getting the hell out. living in this cold ass place was not the life she had thought she'd have by now, but when life got tough, someone had to make due. and she sure as hell wasn't going to stay with her adoptive father. once outside of the dungeon, her eyes scanned the world, watching the snow fall from the sky, as her bones felt stiff. the moons must have been up, because she could have sworn she felt sick as a dog. it didn't always happen, but any full moon was enough to make her sick, and the yearly three was enough to knock her on her ass. she had to get home. and so, she started off, stopping by the market on the way, looking at each of the stalls. she had no money, but she was hungry. which meant, she needed to steal. she wished she could say she cared but plenty of these people were well off, and she was just someone who suffered.

//crappy start but someone can catch her stealing idc LMAO
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