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uhhhh hi
« on: February 23, 2021, 07:22:37 PM »
so basically my character's info is on my toyhouse (Mortori is my main oc; my toyhouse should be on my profile) and I'm basically new to rp'ing and will probably need a few guide thingies. My character is meant to have multiple ooc forms for basically anything I want to use her for, as well as in-universe forms for... reasons. If anything about her needs more detail, let me know. I think I'll need a rundown of how to create a backstory for this form of her, as well as details for how to make this form of her most compatible with the site and everything. I'm pretty sure she's OP so I'll probably need to balance her. To start, Griffon-Tori will probably have a mixture of Air, Earth(mostly just the plant part), and Dark abilities, and I'll probably have her start from an egg.