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Aphelion Court / Re: dark corners — camp exploration
« Last post by A L T O on July 22, 2019, 12:43:58 AM »
Algae had to get boring after a while - and what if it got gross? Could algae get sick? Decay? Make the fish sick? Perhaps Alto shouldn't have thought so much about it, considering how puffy his tail had gotten.
With flicking ears they watched Aurum move around with curiosity. How he could move around this place without jumping or being nervous...well, that was something that Alto didn't think they'd ever understand.
Aurum was an odd man, he decided.

Any nerves were quickly replaced with shining eyes - of course they did.
"Y-Yes please!"
They were quick to lift themself onto their hind legs, paws gently against the tank.
"Fishy... Wonder...why they'"
Aphelion Court / Re: dark corners — camp exploration
« Last post by Aurum on July 20, 2019, 05:34:21 AM »
Aurum blinked with surprise for a moment; of course Alto was right. Aurum glanced up, eyes darting around as he stepped back away from the tank; there had to be something here. "Well, from what I remember, the fish can feed off algae," he hummed, as he took a few steps towards one of the cluttered shelves. Aurum scanned up and down, reaching up and gently knocking some shelves aside. This looked about right, a small can labled fish food with an orange lid. "...but this should help." He moved back to Alto, offering a smile. "Wanna help feed em?"
Aphelion Court / Re: dark corners — camp exploration
« Last post by A L T O on July 16, 2019, 12:11:50 PM »
Dead things didn't come off as too good a sign in Alto's eyes, no matter how blurred they were. Because, 1. what if whatever did this is around, and 2. what the fUCK man.
Their entire body shivered at Aurum's guess. That sounded horrific! Collect bits of people!?
Their ears sunk against their skull.

The hybrid was quick to follow the leader - they did not wanna be left alone. What if something they thought was dead turned and looked at him!? If they made eye contact then it'd know he knew!?

Without much thought - after pulling away from Aurum's dripping paw - Alto clambered onto the lion's back to peer at the fish. If they'd had a mouth it'd be open in awe, instead their eyes were shining as they leaned in to look.
"Oh! They must be hungry, Aurum..."
Perilune Soirée / Re: just set it free and dance — intro
« Last post by PRINCE on July 16, 2019, 11:56:42 AM »
Sharp eyes caught the dragging flicker, but, as usual, made no effort to confront the signs of dissatisfaction. There were those meant to comfort through words; Prince was not one of them.
She was far better at simply 'getting rid' of the issue.
Either way, Prince didn't much mind Bella's obvious frustration - if nothing it burned that usual ' I need to protect ' instinct that she was known for.
"Never a need to apologise," she assured - again, as usual.

"Yes, I saw, none of had much of your elegance," she quipped. The day Bella made something like that...
A small smirk twitched at her lips.
"I'm sure they could be persuaded to clean up their mess," aka, Prince would be willing to intimidate them until they did so.
"If you'd like, I will offer a paw in helping? It'd be a simple task, and I doubt you wish your paws illed by scrubs."
Perilune Soirée / Re: just set it free and dance — intro
« Last post by Belladonna on July 14, 2019, 07:44:10 PM »
Bella, for a moment, was bristling; irritation prickled under her fur, but as soon as she heard Prince's voice, she cooled down, just for a moment; the lioness was always a source of comfort for her, although she wasn't quite ready to admit that. "Prince-- sorry," she mumbled, with a lashing flick of her tail; the movement was somewhat dragged, her tail was a collection of hair, of course. "Those... idiots went and decorated my house, even though I've warned them not to," she hissed, her ears flicking back. "It'll take all day to clean it off, I doubt I'll be done before my next show."
« Last post by THE HINTERLANDS on July 14, 2019, 07:38:40 PM »

The Perilune Soiree is one of the two clans, a carnival shrouded under the curse of night, situated in the middle of a decrepit city.

While the city is available anytime, the actual carnival is only found at midnight - once inside, the carnival is a celebration of excitement and fancy, all under the cover of moonlight. Various members of the soiree have a variety of skills and talents, such as dancing, art, taming, comedians, the 'freaks', acrobats, etc.

The Troupe is currently lead by Mothernature, played by pure.

This guide may be added to/amended until the official guide is up.

Aphelion Court / Re: wait a minute ! - hatching
« Last post by Aurum on July 14, 2019, 07:25:51 PM »
Aurum peered down at the egg he'd found along the shore; it had sat, nestled, in the rippling water after the storm and Aurum had snatched it quickly, taking it into the safety of the building. He peered down at the tiny dragon, and he gave a small puff of his own smoke in return. "Hey there, buddy," Aurum hummed, smile wide on his face; his eyes sparkled - he wondered where Alto was? he wondered how the hybrid would react to the tiny dragon. Aurum gently reached down and prodded the egg shards away, hoping for a better look at the hatchling.
Perilune Soirée / Re: just set it free and dance — intro
« Last post by PRINCE on July 12, 2019, 11:43:28 AM »
Large paws lead Prince easily to her destination, sharp eyes merely glancing at the defaced walls. She could practically hear Bella's frustration with the mess - it made her ear twitch just a bit.
Best to keep emotions in check, less some threat make itself known.
There was doubt there was any, she didn't know the songstress to be much of a confrontational piece. Still, Prince was nothing if not thorough.

A paw knocked on the door in heavy swings, pausing just long enough for any bearings to be made before she intruded.
"Belladonna?" a curtesy if nothing else, the sound of a voice to tell who spoke behind the door.

Seeing the other she paused for a moment, eyes skirting around just in case. She was silent as she took in the room - always be careful, always be cautious.
"You seem...less than thrilled today," she added.
Casual conversation was not her strong point.
Aphelion Court / wait a minute ! - hatching
« Last post by cocoabean on July 12, 2019, 09:34:50 AM »
i left my conciousness in the 6th dimension
the blue shimmering egg had been picked up. moved around, away from its home, though that was unknown to it's rescuer. but it was finally time. water colored shall began to shake, cracks slowly moving down the side, before a small muzzle began to crack through. for a moment the dragon paused, retreating back to the warmness of it's egg before more cracks traveled along the weakening shell, before the dragon pushed it's head upwards, claws hanging on to the small egg, egg shell fitting over his head like a hat. small puffs of steam came from the small blue dragon, soft rosey colored orbs looking around for anything that looked or smelled like him. though there was nothing like that around at all. no dragons. no scaled beasts. a sneeze left his nose, causing him to fall back in the egg, wide eyes shimmering up at whoever had found him.
dragon young aged male very small
Perilune Soirée / just set it free and dance — intro
« Last post by Belladonna on July 11, 2019, 10:17:41 AM »
Belladonna didn't often go into the city outside the carnival; there was a lot of lingering people, guests, members, whatever - some knew her as the singer, others didn't, all she knew was she didn't want to be around the chaos for too long. Padding over to the one of her usual hangouts, where she kept her plants, she let out a hiss of disgust.

The building was plastered with graffiti; none of it nasty, per se, but she wished she could keep the streets a little more... clean. "What did I tell you guys not to do?!" she groaned, but pushed the door open and walked inside anyway. She liked to make some tea there in the offtime, and most members of the Soiree knew they could come and visit any time they liked; they probably weren't ready for Belladonna in a bad mood, though.
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