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Character Galleries / ´◜↠ name here.
« Last post by abralithe on November 05, 2020, 02:11:00 PM »

❝ Lethe ❞
❝ LETHE ◜-◞
xBasic Facts.Her name is but a singular word - Lethe. Her name means "Goddess of the underworld river of oblivion." It was given to her by one of her creators, specifically an arcane dragon by the name of Viscar. She was bestowed this name due to Viscar believing that Lethe's purpose would have her constantly walking the threshold of safe and unsafe zones. Thus, she would be balancing upon a tightrope over the gateway to oblivion, to death.

xWhile her existence and biology are not bent by time the same way more fleshy dragons are, when it comes to her age, it has been five and a half months since her creation. Her biology labels her as agender but she prefers feminine pronouns. Moreover, in case it wasn't obvious, she was modeled after a skydancer. Despite being made in the Shifting Expanse, she was imbued with the Ice Flight.

Sex & Gender. answer
━ other notes.
Age. answer
━ birthdate & birthplace - does it have any significance

Species. answer
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Voice. Description.
voice reference.
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❝ PHYSICAL ref 1. ref 2. description◞
Attire. answer
weapons & armor.
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magical items.
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Physical Ailments. answer

❝ ABILITIES ◜description◞
Skills. answer.
with weapons.
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❝ MENTAL ◜description◞
Habits & Quirks. answer

Mannerisms & Demeanor. answer

Mental Ailments. answer
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❝ BACKGROUND ◜description◞
Past Crimes. answer

Origin. answer
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other relatives.
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Upbringing. answer

Orientation. answer
past relationship(s).
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current relationship(s).
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❝In her dreams, she saw a place where the trees reached for heaven and the birds sang as if the sun would never set. Her visions tread into her waking hours, haunting the darkness underneath her eyelids whenever she shut them.

❝She could only explain her ability to fathom a place she'd never seen through the knowing of the living force her creator breathed into her. He was there, gently shifting his wings against her heart. He had not died when giving his lifeblood to her; thus, the wants her other maker insisted not be in him was living on within the soul resting in her chest. He may be gone, but his yearning was left behind in her.❞

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Character Galleries / Re: ´◜↠ character storage.
« Last post by abralithe on November 05, 2020, 01:51:07 PM »
Woah, I haven't touched this in ages. . . Well, time to get crackin', I guess
Welcoming Board / Re: aaaand i'm back
« Last post by grubby on October 21, 2020, 07:38:37 AM »
late but wb inny!!! ily ♥
Central City / Re: feet first — the world begins
« Last post by Lorthyr on September 24, 2020, 06:34:33 AM »
Lorthyr felt a bit of shame as he watched the chimera inspect him, feeling as if he was too hasty trying to appear trustworthy. A wave of relief washed over him as the creature appeared to dismiss its thoughts and begin scaling onto his back. Making a good first impression was something Lorthyr had always struggled with but now wasn’t the time for him to reflect upon such things. The dragon began to stand up firmly before extending his wings out, preparing to take flight. He had faith that the mane of fur that ran down his back would be enough for his passenger to hold on to. Lorthyr turned his head towards the creature as it spoke and he nodded, understanding that he should try and make this as easy as possible. He quickly checked to make sure the creature on his back was secure before returning his gaze to the sky with confidence.

“Alright everyone, uh, you may want to stand back a bit” he timidly warned, not wanting the gust from his wings to push anyone.

The dragon took flight in a strong, swift motion and began to ascend the height of the walls that obscured their vision. When they reached the peak of the walls, Lorthyr began to scan the horizons. He was already familiar with the expansive green plains but as he looked further he noticed new environments, each of them unique and in different directions. He looked back to his passenger, making sure they were still okay before inquiring, “what can you see, friend?”

Welcoming Board / aaaand i'm back
« Last post by cimelia on September 22, 2020, 03:35:54 PM »
so i've come back! i guess i just really lost touch with roleplaying but now that things have calmed down in my life, i've decided to come back!
Central City / Re: short skirt / long jacket — intro
« Last post by JOSHUA on September 21, 2020, 02:24:06 AM »
The beast had only come to the city to see it. That was it. He'd found a place that was his home, but that didn't mean he was beyond exploration.
Besides, what if there was something to be found? Or someone?
Faintly his hearts ached.
There'd likely be nothing like that to be found here.

"You're bold to drink before finding shelter-" the beasts rumble was low, his presence only now being made true. His large form slipped surprisingly silently around, glancing over the ferret and dragon with little interest.
"Should you get cold, it is only your fault."

"Though," his gaze went to Socket, "your friend seems far more...equipped for survival."
Advertisements / Ads and Banners you can use for Griffonage!
« Last post by grubby on September 20, 2020, 04:02:01 PM »

see title :3

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Advertisements / Guidelines for Advertisements [read first!]
« Last post by grubby on September 20, 2020, 03:49:07 PM »

Welcome to Griffonage's advertisements board! before posting your site's advertisements, we have some rules to cover!

·        Sites Advertised may not be 18+ or NSFW, as ours is not.
·        If you advertise here, your own site must have a place where we can post our own advertisement.
·        One ad per website, and please no spam/bumping posts!
·        Forums only please! they can be forums of any kind, but please no personal websites, etc.
any advertisements that don't adhere to our rules will be removed!

If you have any questions or concerns, I can be contacted through DMs here on the site, at the email [email protected], or through my discord (grubby#4279)
Central City / Re: feet first — the world begins
« Last post by ghost on September 20, 2020, 02:27:49 PM »
Ghost looked the dragon up and down - he was a little bewildered, for a moment; almost scared - but instead he gave the dragon a skeptical look, shook it away, and moved to climb onto the dragon's back. It was clumsy, and Ghost had to remind himself not to stick his needle-prick claws into the dragon's shoulders, but he steadied himself, and Lavenza fluttered up and landed on the tufty fur upon his head.  "Alright," he answered,  "Let's get this over with." and while he seemed dismissive, there was a burning curiosity in him to see past the walls. "Ghost's Speech." "Lavenza's Speech."
Central City / Re: CRY : INTRO
« Last post by palani on September 20, 2020, 02:24:22 PM »
Trauma was a word that Palani hadn't quite come to terms with. He knew something lingered in the back of his mind - rotting and festering in his memories - but he never dared to shine a spotlight on it, never dared to talk about it. Who would waste their time with him, anyway. Everybody wants a tough guy, nobody needs a crybaby, he told himself. But truthfully? there was a lot bubbling under the surface he didn't even know was there, like a misty thought just out of reach. He pushed the thought away, and directed his attention to the male in front of him.

"What'cha laughing at?" he asked, a wonky shit-eating grin upon his maw. "I hope it isn't me," he chided jokingly, before getting up and taking a seat beside him; although he was rather large in comparison, being a thin, wiry dragon. He tucked his wings in close to make sure there was room, but he let his front feet hang haphazardly off the bench.
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