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GOLDEN BOY — aurum's storage
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history + ooc notes
pokemon au info / team
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❝  BASICS  ❞ ―― love, i hope we get on
aurum palani arbor | " golden boy "
aurum, the latin word for gold; palani, hawaiian, "free man"; arbor, a frame of which plants grow on
male | he/him | asexual demiromantic | 1½yrs | ages real time
group name wip | rank | titles
inspirations, reincarnated from, other char notes etc

❝  RELATIONSHIPS  ❞ ―― i hope i can find a way
npc x npc | arbor family head
has a habit for adopting children
single | (0) crushes | not looking | develops crushes but rarely acts on them | attraction to both male and female
½ of ship name here

APPEARANCE ―― of letting you see
CURRENT APPEARANCE: pale white lion with pale golden mane, blue eyes, two earrings on each ear, various golden lace and silk woven into fur
extended appearance here
reference link here

birth body: ShowHide
golden winged caracal with a white underbelly, gold-to-white owl wings with dusty stripes

Aurum Palani Arbor is a rather small but lanky and long caracal, with a creamy off-white pelt, made striking by gold patches down his spine and the top of his legs. Patterns of arrows and strikes jag in both the dark and light portions of his fur, looking like seemingly tabby-like arrows and stripes. He has two bands of colour around each of his legs, although they may be partially hidden by the golden gauntlets shackled near his ankles. Attached to each gauntlet is a trinket made of gold, and shaped like a sun. On the lower end of his back is a large pattern of a diamond with a pale band in the middle, almost like an eye. While hard to see, there is also pure white fur down the center of his chest.

Aurum's facial features are less flattering as his pelt, however, as he could be partial to a statement regarding his 'large' nose (something he denies, mind you,) and his round and rather childlike eyes. His eyes are a bright sky blue, and are speckled with beautiful golden flecks. His eyes are jewel-like and can appear deep and almost crystal clear. His ears are tall and thin, with dark, fluffy tufts of fur at their tips.

Although, considering his fur is rather pretty, his most stunning feature is actually his wings. Quite large and broad, they're hard to miss, considering their size. Once the wings were coloured in a bold gradient of azure blue, since the possession of Swordlogic, Aurum's birth body has been mutated to have barn owl-like pale wings with dark, dusty bands.


PERSONALITY & QUIRKS ―― that i'm so easy to please
KEYWORDS: an eager, devoted softie with a heart of gold, extremely defensive of those he loves
Aurum is a warm-hearted guy who just wants the best for everyone. He's quick to become attached to new clanmates, is nostalgic for old, and likes to think he has a good attunement with his clan. He's amazing with kids and adopts them whenever he can. As he becomes so quickly attached to people, he can go through bouts of depression when people he cares about leaves - although if they come back, he's completely back to normal. Aurum keeps his most difficult to handle secrets and feelings to himself, something that drives the painful nightmares he has at night. And while Aurum seems like the nicest guy, he's often struggling with personal issues he doesn't want to push onto his clanmates, including self-doubt and regret over the past.
ENFP-T & Hufflepuff ― Aurum is an emotionally and morally driven guy who spends a lot of time thinking about his feelings, and isn't afraid to reach out to others he cares about. He's quick to notice how others feel and has great care for people, and isn't afraid to speak up to people and ask what's on their mind; but doesn't often speak about what's on his. Not driven by ambition, he's instead driven by the wish to make everybody happy and comfortable if he can, although he isn't afraid to step up against evil. As an omnivert, Aurum also appreciates time to think about things at his own pace, and often dreams about selfish, childish desires that he's ultimately disappointed fall through.
disorders ― insomnia, mild flashbacks/nightmares, possible ptsd

AESTHETICS ―― love, i hope we find a way
smells like: dirt, dust and sand, the ocean breeze
feels like: messy fur that when clean, is soft and breezy, downy feasthers
colours: gold, white, blue, green
objects / motifs: angels, halos, the sun, a shield

INTERACTION ―― i hope we can find a way of seeing it all
medium in caracal body, hard in lion or dragon bodies
powers: fire elemental, psi, light alignment, shapeshifting, the sight, conjuration
ask to powerplay / attack in #d69929
fully trained, but prefers to fight through instinct / basic medical training
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history + ooc info.

Aurum was originally developed as an alternate reality version of Gavin Free, of Rooster Teeth/Slo Mo Guys fame, in a 'medieval' universe. He was then brought over to the universe of Radiat, an au my then-gf and I had roleplayed in for years. To distinguish from the Gavin of that world (i'm serious) his name was changed to Palani Grey. This OC, Palani, was then made into a character in the [redacted] universe under the name Framerate, who was then paired with my GF's character. Soon after, I left that site/world and the character became disused in his animal form, but continued on in human roleplays with my now ex.

Later in early 2017 I joined another site, [redacted], of which he was recreated as an animal again, sticking to his name of Palani - however it wasn't long before I left that site again and he took on a huge tonal and design overhaul on another site. This time his name was changed to Aurum Palani Arbor and he was given the body of a caracal and was returned to his original clan, Sunclan. As Aurum's design was already bright and quite fitting, he developed the back-story of being half-angel and fell into Sunclan well, slowly raising through the ranks under both Gareth and his friend Thea, whom, upon passing from illness, he took over as leader, overhauling the group into Solaris Kingdom.

While this Aurum is younger and none of the experience or memories of becoming a leader and a father, he still retains his angelic heritage and his radiant personality. Aurum, alongside Belladonna, has become my most retained and beloved character.

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spotify playlist | featuring madeon, coldplay, the clash, queen & more
pinterest board | themes of yellow, art, positivity, wings/feathers page | for art and designs
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pokemon au/team notes.

note: probably grew up in galar since it's based on england; didn't start his journey until he was about 16 since he helped his mother a lot on their farm. loves discovering new places and takes photos wherever he goes. he loved visiting alola, with the beautiful beaches and the lush flora. likes to do double battle challenges working with his friends.

has visited: galar, alola, kalos, sinnoh, johto
alternate/boxed pokemon (other poke ideas): arcanine, wooloo, sirfetch'd, pyroar (f), luxray, archeops (over talonflame)

made by grubsong
!! croagunk / toxicroak
[ moveset: fake out | poison jab | sucker punch | drain punch ]
- spoilt brat and she knows it. basically sucks aurum's wallet dry and constantly crawls up to him, not unlike a lapdog. has dry skin so actually doesnt do well in the sun, probably gets really fussy about it
- actually super protective of the other pokemon on aurum's team, and aurum himself. basically "nobody gets to fuck with aurum and his team but me"
- trickster as a croagunk, worse as a toxicroak. shifty fighter. would backstab you in a heartbeat
- "kek" personified. makes weird croaking/laughing noises (not unlike croagunk's cry)

!! stoutland
[ moveset: return | protect | roar | stomping tantrum ]
- old man of the group, probably belonged to aurum's mum before him/watched aurum grow up. has max friendship and his strongest attack is return
- the kind of dog to sit at a fence and bark at you until you leave
- actually really sweet and is the emotional backbone of the team

!! klefki
[ moveset: dazzling gleam | switcheroo | crafty shield | foul play ]
- aurum adores his klefki, probably raised her from an egg, gave her her first key, smothers her with cute keychains, actually goes shopping with her to pick new ones for her
- her favourite is probably like a homemade kirby made out of a pompom and felt
- grows into her role as the team support w prankster : originally super timid but stoutland helps her train and get stronger, she learns her best skill is protecting the others and enduring blows (being metal and all)

!! victreebel
[ moveset: grass knot | sludge bomb | morning sun | hidden power (ice) ]
- caught by his mother and stoutland as his "starter", stoutland and victreebel get along really well and often just lounge around together
- he drools. a lot. especially on aurum. thankfully it's less 'acid' and more just sweet-smelling nectar
- is kinda dumb. basically babey. smothers everybody on the team with love and while actually being a strong fighter, honestly hates fighting, especially against fairy pokemon
- ability: gluttony. don't leave food near him

!! talonflame
[ moveset: tailwind | acrobatics | will-o-wisp | flamethrower ]
- picked up on his trip to kalos, kept getting seed from aurum/following his travels, to the point he just did the whole "tapped the pokeball on their nose and they came along" deal
- has flame body, probably nested on klefki's egg before she hatched??
- probably male but everybody thinks it's female, it doesn't seem to care
- a little cross-eyed, looks a little derpy but is actually super smart and will know if you diss it
- probably scared of something dumb like pebbles or bugs (especially burmy)
- basically Klefki's big brother
- has been knocked out trying to protect klefki
- doesn't get along with croagunk/toxicroak, mainly due to being a fire type (her dry skin weakness) and flying type (her fighting weakness)

!! rotom
[ moveset: hydro pump | trick | hex | will-o-wisp ]
- actually usually stays inside aurum's phone / camera
- rotom decided to use rotom-wash during battles after he saw klefki lose to fire types a lot
- just kinda there. much like the rotom-dex in sun/moon, he helps aurum along and leads him.
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corrupted aurum : palani's tags.

❝  BASICS  ❞ ―― she said this is a surprise visit
palani grey | " pal "
hawaiian, meaning free man
male | he/him | grey/demisexual panromantic | age ?? | ages at roleplayer's choice
tribe of frozen stars | member | titles
"corrupted" version of aurum, an alternate timeline

❝  RELATIONSHIPS  ❞ ―― it's my fantasy, i'm gon live it
npc x npc | grey family
single | (0) crushes | semi-looking | develops crushes easily
½ of ship name here

APPEARANCE ―― hands up, and don't you refuse it
CURRENT APPEARANCE: coal-scaled dragon with old blood hued feathered wings, speckled with stars, with blue eyes
extended appearance here

PERSONALITY & QUIRKS ―― i wanna tattoo you on me, just look what you created
KEYWORDS: aurum p arbor, but twisted. egocentric, rash, quick to anger.
extended personality
mbti & hogwarts houses and why

AESTHETICS ―― dear future self, i hope it's going well
smells like:
feels like
objects / motifs
pinterest link / spotify link

INTERACTION ―― i'm drunk on cheap whiskey in an airport hotel
allowed to powerplay friendly actions | attack in #b70008
training level?