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wait a minute ! - hatching
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i left my conciousness in the 6th dimension
the blue shimmering egg had been picked up. moved around, away from its home, though that was unknown to it's rescuer. but it was finally time. water colored shall began to shake, cracks slowly moving down the side, before a small muzzle began to crack through. for a moment the dragon paused, retreating back to the warmness of it's egg before more cracks traveled along the weakening shell, before the dragon pushed it's head upwards, claws hanging on to the small egg, egg shell fitting over his head like a hat. small puffs of steam came from the small blue dragon, soft rosey colored orbs looking around for anything that looked or smelled like him. though there was nothing like that around at all. no dragons. no scaled beasts. a sneeze left his nose, causing him to fall back in the egg, wide eyes shimmering up at whoever had found him.
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Re: wait a minute ! - hatching
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Aurum peered down at the egg he'd found along the shore; it had sat, nestled, in the rippling water after the storm and Aurum had snatched it quickly, taking it into the safety of the building. He peered down at the tiny dragon, and he gave a small puff of his own smoke in return. "Hey there, buddy," Aurum hummed, smile wide on his face; his eyes sparkled - he wondered where Alto was? he wondered how the hybrid would react to the tiny dragon. Aurum gently reached down and prodded the egg shards away, hoping for a better look at the hatchling.
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