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shadows — monster / getting kicked out of the lab
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It was getting rather late when he heard it, a loud thud, and the sound of breaking glass - he wasn't sure if Alto was still with him, they had been briefly before, but Aurum was now suddenly very worried for the hybrid. That was something loud, and large. "Hello?" Aurum calls out tentatively, but instead he hears a roar. Oh no.

"APHELION, EVERYONE - GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" Aurum roared as he rushed back to the makeshift resting in the lobby of the lab, hoping he was close enough to everyone that they'd hear it - he turns back to the halls where he heard the roar, where he starts to see it - dark, wet skin, matted fur, a lashing tail - it looks half fish, half hound, and it stares back with ever-shifting, ever blinking eyes - he thinks he counted eight, but he couldn't tell. Goodness, what was that? "Everyone, run! get to the forest above the beach, and don't look back. I'm not moving until everyone else is gone." he wasn't going to let that monster hurt anyone.
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Re: shadows — monster / getting kicked out of the lab
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The moment something Not safe and secured happened Alto was quickly scurrying to Aurum's side. Already the large tears were in his eyes, dripping down his face as he pressed into Aurum's side. If they could, their fur would have been paler than a ghost.
A roar?
Not good, the only roaring creature he knew was Aurum, and they knew for a fact Aurum had not in fact roared like some beast.

Well, i mean, he did now but that's not the point.
"A-Aurum... wh-what's that?" the shaky telepathy showed the fear on the hybrids face.
With quick paws they clambered up Aurum's back to be taken back to safety quicker. Surely the lion wouldn't be weighed down by some squirrely hybrid.

Tears flowed freely and Alto felt sick just catching all its eyes.
Too many, too much, sickening.
Not true, not free, a beast of creation.

Their limbs froze and their mind ran as they took in Aurum's words. Run, get away. But... that'd leave Aurum...
"I-I'll...h-help y-you! I...w-won't...leave you..."
Earth and shadows at their paws, after all.


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Aurum let out a grumble of irritation - he appreciated Alto's bravery, but now wasn't the time. Watching as the other members dashed past him, Aurum counted them off - that seemed to be almost everyone, except - his eyes dashed to Alto. "C'mon little light, we gotta move," he said hurriedly as he reached to snatch Alto's scruff in his jaws - and with that snappy movement, the monster started prowling closer, faster - and Aurum didn't hesitate to turn and run.

It was barely a second before they were out the door, and down the wood steps of the lab, as Aurum raced, limbs like air, over the sand and up the banks of the beach, up into the forest - the other members were ahead, hopefully, but he heard the roars behind, and he wasn't waiting to find out.
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Re: shadows — monster / getting kicked out of the lab
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Thorns prodded sipderwebbed cracks with every step she took, her legs shaking. Her lungs burned with the ashen remnants of Sauliade, she could still taste the sorrow. The burning image of a white and gold banner danced across her vision, roots barely left behind by flowers and trees. Her crown apart of the carnage, leaving a golden eye to observe the land.

Sulfer, charcoal, sickeningly sweet char. The smell lingered in her nose, and not even the blooms sprouting at her feet could make her forget it. Her tongue felt like sand in her mouth, she debated drinking her own Gold. Ashen fur stuck to her thin frame with sweat and tears, her wings dragging on the ground.

"Leave! You must go now!" Her family was made of immortals, but even they too could die. Murder looked beautiful when gold, black and red were splattered side by side. When burning feathers fell from a blackened sky like stars. You could still hear the music, notes dancing through the air as the carnage played out. One celebration, one single day, that's all it took.

A bundle of soot hung from her mouth, his breathing as shallow as hers wanted to be. They'd been in this forest an unknown amount of time, the twists and turns, minimal sun and overall 'sameness' had gotten the two turned around a lot. Eleo needed help, she couldn't lose him.

Her ears pricked, yelling, was it real? She turned, her eyes holding the tiniest flicker of hope. She closed the eye on her forehead, covering it the best she could. The catsune then began trying to walk toward the source, her front leg giving out in the process, causing her to stumble. Eleo went flying out of her jaws, rolling and hitting a tree trunk, dazed.
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Re: shadows — monster / getting kicked out of the lab
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Though Alto had been attempting something of bravery he was beyond thankful that Aurum wasn't letting him do that. The hybrid could pretend but holy FUCK they were scared and had not wanted to stay there and get eaten or ripped to shreds...
They didn't want to think about it.
Instead their little ears perked and their tail curled between their legs as they were lifted by the king. Their free-flowing tears leaving little droplets on the ground as they moved. Alto was simply thankful for their lack of mouth, no wailing to draw that things anger.

Gazing up at Aurum, as best they could, they felt just that bit safer in his presence.
"" they managed, paws shaking, skin burning with adrenaline.

Teary eyes locked onto another figure, a fallen one who looked as bad as he felt. His fur prickled and his tail puffed, panic for the other running through them. With big paws they jabbed them in the direction of the fallen Catsune, shaking at the roars they'd yet to flee.


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Aurum figured they were far enough, now, that even if the monster did follow, they'd have a strategic advantage in the trees; placing Alto down, he mewed, "It's fine, are you okay?" he meant to wait for an answer when he heard Alto again, and Aurum's attention was swiftly called over to Alto's telepathic voice as he spotted unfamiliar shapes - first, Eleo, and then second, Kaia. "You a'right there?" he asks, his accent taking over a little; the lion gently pads forward, and offers a paw to help her up, although he's unsure if she'd accept it.
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