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Hadrianus A.

DOWN THAT NARROW ROAD // Injured Joining
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( TW for mentions of blood / murder )

The last thing he remembered was falling asleep under a moonless sky. Darkness had draped over him like a blanket, lulling him into a sense of quietude. Ah, if only it had been as simple as that. That night had been a night of tragedy, forged from fervid blood - lust and wild ire. He carved flesh with weapons gifted unto him by a family once so royal— still so, he is undeserving of such a noble name like that of the Albrechets —as sanguine lifeblood is pulled from veins as he was commanded to, in cold regard with the likeness of a hunter, ever so dastardly. He feels little emotion as his dagger cuts deep into the sensitive folds of the neck of his unaware target, crimson blossoming forth from carved wounds like a rose, executed perfectly; with precision, just as he had been taught by mother dearest. This night though, as prepared as he was, he was utterly unprepared for what would come afterward. He does not get away scot-free ( tis was the life of an assassin ), discovered prematurely whilst preparing to leave the gruesome scene. They, however, do not kill him— no one could kill him if he could help it —but he just barely manages to escape when he's been beaten within an inch of his life.

He wakes up in lands most unfamiliar to him, weak. The sun breached the land, bathing everything in a blend of vibrant oranges, reds, diluted yellows, and lavenders. Still, the sun glares down upon him harshly, judging him for his sins and probably wishing he were dead while at it. It makes him wince and groan, eyes fluttering open to the harsh rays. A wince leaves the fallen warrior. His body feels sore all over, aching, aching, and it annoys him so. "Scheisse..." A curse slips from his chapped lips, uttered ruggedly as he turns, a sharp pain shooting up his back from where he laid. There is static echoing in the back of his mind, much like how cicadas cry in those hazy summer days ceaselessly. The scent of copper, tangy and unpleasant, settles thick in his nose, and, in steep confusion, turns his head towards the unfamiliar land he finds himself in.

He observes that there is not a living soul nearby— at least that's what he thinks —and so, carefully, he pushes himself onto trembling white paws. He then collects his weapon ( which is, weirdly enough, not far from him ) and sheathes it in its holster underneath his white and gilded cape. He stumbles forth, black constantly invading his vision, threatening to pull him under for another round of impromptu slumber, and he finds himself pathetically weak. A brief flash of fear crosses his mind. Faint, but definitely there. A realization as he bleeds a trail through unfamiliar lands: "I don't want to die." And yet there is nothing left for him. His daughter was dead and his grandson likely met the same fate as she: dead because of him; his mother had disappeared so shortly after he'd heard that she was alive— she'd been so, so close but he had been too late —and there was nothing for him from whence he came. He had nothing.

The blonde male crumbles onto the ground, not from the severeness of his wounds but, rather, he succumbed to the lead weight of loss being pushed unto his shoulders. Something broken wrenched itself out of his mouth, sounding strangled and frustrated, but he keeps it quiet ( or, at least, he tried ). He bites upon his underlip and lowers his head, pressing paws onto his head. He is unaware of whoever might approach him but the thought never crosses his mind. He does not think he is on foreign land, trespassing, bleeding all over their home. He thinks he is totally alone, isolated, abandoned. It was a thought that would be proven wrong shortly, thankfully. But was it for the better?


Re: DOWN THAT NARROW ROAD // Injured Joining
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It wasn't surprising that Aurum would be the first to find Hadrianus, but what might have been surprising was his newfound state of panic. The lion froze, almost mortified, at the state of blood - what on earth happened to this poor soul? the stranger's coat was a dusty tabby, but Aurum found that the stranger was otherwise quite handsome, and by the coat, he gathered the male must have been some sort of royalty, maybe - Aurum didn't know him. This wasn't someone who was in the castle before they were, could he? had they stolen their new home from someone else?

 "Hello?" he called out weakly as he took his best foot forward; "Are you alright?" he stiffened his voice, not willing to show his fear; he wasn't really afraid of the stranger, per-se, but he was certainly scared of what horrible inflicted injuries could mean - was someone out to get him? was the monster still around? he tried to push the thoughts away but they swum back, unwanted, and certainly unneeded. He didn't want anyone else to get hurt, especially not if it was like this.

 "I'm Aurum, I- I can help you--" he cut himself off, interjecting,  "We can help you." Well, he wasn't sure how much help Alto could be - the poor hybrid would probably be terrified of all of this, but maybe one of his new-found friends could help.
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