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Note before I begin that, as the roleplay continues and grows, this guide will be amended to / added to with the help of members.


The Hinterian Pantheon is the active religion of the main clans (ie, Aphelion Court and the Perilune Soiree) as well as being the active powers that be, making changes to the world at hand.

The current pantheon started with seven sisters, with whom only one remains - Azelfafage, or Azelfa for short. Azelfa is the mother goddess, whose physical appearance usually comes in that of a turtle. She's known for being warm and kind with outstretched fins, a protector of the young and vulnerable.

Azelfafage gave birth two two sons - the first was Adhara, a bit of a runt, who became the god of night and darkness, as well as death, pestilence, war and famine. His appearance usually came in that of a hellhound, swathed in shadows that were ever-shifting around him. Early on, he cut a deal with the Perilune Soiree to become their patron god - in return for their service, he promised that the circus would last forever, and cursed it so time never passed inside. He now is dormant, rarely stepping in to mortal affairs, as he waits for the promised apocalypse.

The second was Aldebaran, whom became the god of the sun, appearing as a bull with a sun nestled in his horns - of course, being such a bright and warm fellow, he was instantly loved by his mother, and overshadowed the elder Adhara. As Adhara became less known, Aldebaran started to create followers, which became the ancestors of the Aphelion Court.

Riddled with Jealousy, Adhara sent an agent to the followers of his brother, a sorcerer and talented alchemist. This sorcerer, driven by the greed and darkness of Adhara, conducted experiments that turned the souls of those following Aldebaran into crystals - including Aldebaran himself. Now with the sun god out of the way, Adhara's strength grows... and Aldebaran waits, trapped in crystal, for someone pure of heart to rally his followers against the darkness, once again.

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