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What is Griffonage?

Griffonage is a play-by-post roleplay forum. By roleplaying, we step into the shoes of a character we've created, of various size, species, gender, powers and make. In Hinterlands, animal and mythological creature characters are made and played in small groups called clans. In Scattered Clans, based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, wild feral cats live in clans, bound by the Warrior code, as they struggle to survive without the help of humans, from other animals and their fellow cats alike. A human-based fantasy roleplay is coming soon.

What is play-by-post roleplaying?

Play-by-post is where users take in turns to reply in-character to threads made by you or other members. For an example:

User one: "Character one sat down in a field and started to weave flower crowns."
User two: "Character two approached Character one and asked, "Want me to help?"
User one: "Character one glanced up at Character two, "yes please," they answered."

This is a very basic outline; posts with more than a few complete sentences and good grammar are usually referred to as "semi-advanced" and those who post with a few paragraphs each are "advanced" - but remember to stay inclusive of everyone, advanced or not.

Great! how do I get started?

First off - make a thread here in the Welcoming Board! We've got plenty of awesome members who can't wait to meet you! after that, feel free to make a storage thread here! and start working on some characters here. Once you've made a biography (or "tags", a short-form, easy-to-read version of a biography,) start roleplaying in a board by either making a joining thread in the hinterlands (or an introduction, if the clan's policy on joining permits it) or just start making threads in the other boards. If you'd like to, you can also make an account for your character, called a subaccount - see more below.

What's a Subaccount?

A subaccount is a secondary account attached to your main account, a "parent" account. You can make a subaccount by going to your profile settings, and under the modify profile dropdown, to "manage subaccounts". From here you can delete, merge, unlink and make a subaccount your parent account. Once made, you can use the dropdown in the menu next to unread replies to switch accounts.

What's a template?

A template, or a "fancypost" is a post that has CSS properties to make it look different, like different text, borders, image backgrounds, etc - you can find some premade templates here or you can try and make your own in a storage thread! remember not to steal anybody's coding or content, though - once you're done, you can save it as a posting template by going to your profile, the profile info dropdown menu, and going to Posting Templates. Posting templates, once saved, will appear in a dropdown menu while posting, right next to the change colour dropdown in the bbcode buttons.

I have a question not answered here!

Feel free to ask it in the aptly named Helpful Board! members and staff will be there soon to reply and help in no time!

Extra helpful links:

our discord, where you can chat with other members
our site's rules!
the library, where you can read about our worlds!

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