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RULES of Griffonage!
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A note from Grubsong - these rules are subject to change and to have things added to them as time goes on - if you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, or feels like it could be a rulebreak, feel free to use the "report to moderator" link at the bottom right of a post to let us know, and we'll have a look. If you have any questions about these rules, please feel free to ask in the helpful board.

Don't be malicious, passive aggressive or hostile.

If you believe someone is deliberately being nasty to someone, don't try to confront them - report it to staff.

Be open and accepting to everyone.

While you can always have private threads and storages, remember that we're all here for the same reason - to roleplay! Remember to include everyone in groups and discussions <3

No Groups, fanclubs, squads, etc

On that note, while this isn't to discourage private friend groups, private discussion and work, we don't want groups forming - especially anything with a (for example) "1 out of 8" or "1/number" attached to it, or something like "member of the super squad" etc. These groups create cliques, which are harmful and add to excluding and ostracizing others.

Don't steal artwork or coding.

Don't steal artwork or coding, and when using art from other sites, remember to check your rights ask for permission. If someone asks you to take something down/to stop using their codes or art, always abide by their requests. Artists, feel free to contact staff if you feel like someone is misusing your property.

No Powerplaying.

No powerplaying; it means to forcefully take over another person's character without their permission, or to land attacks in a battle without asking; instead, make your character premptively aim to make those attacks; wether they land is up to the other roleplayer.

No Minimodding.

Minimodding is to essentially do a staffer or leader's task for them - whether this means chiding another roleplayer oocly for something, or - for example - to do a medic's duties icly without asking. Leave it to those who were placed in charge to do those things - if there is no leader or character in a role, ask a staffer about what to do/ask for permission.

Keep OOC and IC drama separate.

this goes hand in hand with don't be hostile - characters' IC opinions do not equal their roleplayers' opinions. If you feel like someone is, however, pushing their IC opinions a bit too much, or being overtly negative to just you or a certain group, get staff to handle it. Everybody should feel safe on here <3

No Explicit, adults only content.

Things like sex or anything visually graphic (ie extensive gore imagery, porn, or disturbing content) has no place on this site. While your characters can be injured, maimed, killed etc - please, no realistic/visual images or content is allowed on site. Roleplaying sex is strictly prohibited as well - we ask that you take it elsewhere, or 'fade to black'.

A limit of 2 high positions per roleplayer, per game.

As we don't have many members, there is currently a limit of 2 high positions, (hps) in each game - Hinterlands, Traditional Warriors, Human RP - to make sure that all the responsibility isn't just on one person, and that everyone gets an equal, fair chance.

These rules apply to related group chat(s), too.

Whether it's discord, skype, team speak, twitter, myspace, aol, anything - if you see someone breaking the rules, on an official/public group chat to do with Griffonage, you can report it to staff. This doesn't apply to private servers - remember to consider peoples' privacy, too.

and remember - have fun!

These rules are here to make sure everybody feels safe and loved on this site - if you ever feel left out, or lonely, or generally just having a rough time, you can feel free to contact me (Grubsong) - here on site or via our discord. Stay safe, have fun, and make your own little griffonage %u2665 (it means messy writing, after all ;3)
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