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Hello heathens, post here or dont, idrc. i just need a place where i can have codes and shit lmao


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non-playable creatures
- dryads
  • a nymph, fairy-like creature with the body made from wood, usually from an oak tree. they have a very deep connection to the forests. they can be dangerous but tend to not bother anyone unless they are hurting their forest.
- griffins
  • a hybrid of an bird, typically an eagle, and a lion. it brandishes the head of the bird, body of a lion, and wings with the corresponding avian. seen as regal, and brave. they tend to be alone, other than the companionship of their mate, as they pair for life.
- chimera
  • a hybrid with the body of a lion, include a lion head, with the addition of a goat head on it's shoulder, and a snake as it's tail.
- dragons
  • large serpent like creatures with wings. very powerful, and brandishing elemental like power, such as fire breath, ice power.
- pegasus
  • winged horse. they can be seen in herds or by their lonesome. while it has been rumored that wealthy people can afford them, no records of anyone being able to tame these wild equine.
- unicorn
  • a horse with a horn in the middle of its head. rumors state that they are very magical, but they are very rarely seen and it's hard to tell.
- treant
  • a monolithic, great tree come to life and anthropomorphised, bound to the woods it grew from, a protector and guardian of the forest and lesser creatures.

- faries
  • many varties including pixies, elves etc. wings must be hidden most of the time but ears cannot be glamorized and so most fae wear hats or have longer hair to cover their ears. generally have powers that have to do with elements, or emotions, or animal related.
- trolls
  • generally paired with things of nature like mountain trolls, forest trolls, oceanic trolls, volcanic trolls. very much glamored for human appearances, but they too have pointy ears, and sometimes a patch or two of skin that resembles what kind of troll they are. for example, a forest troll might have a tattoo of a leaf somewhere on their body, or whatever. have powers that do with their respective nature.
- aegyls
  • human like species regarding their appearance but they have wings. generally wings are hidden or glamorized. arent known to have powers that are specific to them, other than the ability to tame beasts and have companion animals that generally cant be tamed otherwise. they can have other magic, but it is unpredictable.
- warlocks
  • half human half demons. they are usually morally good, protecting humans and others while keeping their secrets well hidden. very powerful magic beings, with the abilities to create portals among other things. immortal.
- vampires
  • undead beings of any species, except for werewolves and werecreatures. they survive of blood, and are super fast, strong and agile. it is possible that when being turned, they gain magic abilities. immortal.
- werewolves
  • very powerful wolf creatures. they are much like normal wolves except bigger, stronger, and faster. they can stand at a minimum of 6 feet at the shoulder when full grown, and some can be taller. when in human, or other species, form they have extremely heightened senses, agility and amazing athletic ability. they have accelerated healing. they mainly run in packs and have in-pack telepathy for sake of communication.
- werecreatures
  • unlike werewolves, werecreatures are generally rare. can come in any other animal, mainly animals that are carnivorous, such as cats. one cannot be turned into a werecreature, and generally they are randomly generated. for example, two people, normal humans, can have a child and this child may end up as a werecreature of some sort due to a gene mutation having to do with the moon and the sun. they have the same abilities as a werewolf, but usually arent tied to a pack.
- satyr
  • a class of gods that are typically drunken and lustful. there tends to be more males than anything. they are depicted as half man, half goat, with goat ears, horns, and lower half of their body, with a human like face and torso.
- merfolk
  • humanoid creatures that live underwater. while they can breath are, most tend to never go on mainlands. while in water, they have long fish like tails, with human upper bodies. when out of water they have water like powers.
- banshee
  • beautiful female, typically, that have amazing singing voices. they lure the sex to which they are attracted to, to their deaths.
- ghosts
  • in the most simplistic way of explaining it, a ghost is a restless spirit. they can be physical, walk through walls, and become invisible
- imps
  • small, generally mischievous and trouble making demons. they can teleport, in very short bursts and cause a lot of trouble anywhere they go.
- nymphs
  • beautiful spirits of nature, generally inhabiting places like rivers, forests, etc. generally have elemental powers.
- sirens
  • much like a banshee, they have beautiful singing voices but they are kore like grotesque versions of merfolk.
- succubus
- incubus
  • blah blah blah

playable species

blurs about vampirism, lycanthropy, and other possibly magical mutations that can change certain species into different magic creatures. very limited but needs to be explained so people dont get "turned" into things that csnt be turned into

 cause humans or other species to become one, due to bite or scratch.
- vampire mutation
  • vampires. can be turned by bite.  very painful and it is not  guaranteed that one can survive.
- werewolf mutation
  • one of any playable species, besides vampires, can become a werewolf if infected by bite or scratch, assuming the bite or scratch is not lethal.
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here does the intro, blag blag blah make it HOOK in people. think about the wonders of the world and hardships, as well as evils to be fought. touch upon the civil war.

actually, here is gonna be the main religion. people are allowed to believe in whatever they want but this is just the regional beliefs having to do with the 8 gods/goddesses.

myrinne - goddess of the sun
kallisto - god of the moon
megakles - god of agriculture and wildlife
lykinos - god of life and fertility
klieo - goddess of death and disease
elektra - goddess of the oceans and seas
alexios and alena - twin god and goddess of festivals and music


a bit complex to explain. have to explain everything from the size, the terrain, and who in the war holds what. blah blah blah blah whatever.  they want magic technological advances ,, dungeon punk or whatever its called, and ig i can work with that???? i hate doing territory
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