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Welcome to Riverclan, home to the most loyal and bravest warriors whose paws have graced the Earth. We are a tight-knit group bound together from when the reign of Darktail had scoured the lake. We live in the old Windclan camp, no longer seen in the Riverclan camp.

After being left with no leader from an endless slaughter, Starclan carefully hand-selected a cat whom they believed to have the potential to lead well. It was young Peachtuft, youthful in her body but wise in her mind. She went to the moonpool and received her nine lives, now currently leading with all of the pride in her heart. Peachstars way of leading is lead mostly by her heart than her head.

LEADER - The leader is the cat who has supreme control over the clan. They have nine lives given to them by the cats from Starclan.
Peachstar, played by Poprocks

DEPUTY - The deputy is second in command and is next in line to become the leader. They usually set up border patrols.
Blank, played by blank

MEDICINE CAT - The medicine cat is the healer of the clan and has first say in any dire medical situation. They receive omens from Starclan as well as prophecies.
Blank, played by blank

MEDICINE CAT APPRENTICE - The medicine cat apprentice trains under the medicine cat until the medicine cat sees them fit to receive their medicine name.
Blank, played by blank

WARRIORS - Warriors are the backbone of the clan, training, providing food and comfort for all of those in it. Warriors are over 12 months.

APPRENTICES - Apprentices are over 6 months and train under warriors. They are promoted to warriors once they hit 12 months of age.

QUEENS // NURSERY HELPERS - Queens are nursing mothers. Nursery helpers are cats who feel as if it is their duty to choose a path to ease the suffering of queens and keep the kittens at bay. They live in the nursery and help queens with their daily duties.

ELDERS - Elders are cats who had served the clan for many, many moons and earned their place in this den. Often times cats that are disabled could retire early into here.


Riverclans territory is the moor as well as all of the lakes and streams that flow through them. Gentle winds blow through the lands and multiple breeds of flowers grow here. In new-leaf and green-leaf, the moors provide little shade for the intense heat and in leaf-bare, there are no trees to climb to get away from the snow. Leaf-fall seems to be the perfect time for everything. During leaf-fall, herbs grow aplenty here, as with other seasons but this is the best time to collect the herbs.

Their camp is a sandy dip in the ground with multiple small ‘caves’ scattered around it, surrounded by thick gorse and tall grass. A high rock juts out over the top and beneath that is the leader's den with a medium area space for sleeping and such. There is a single nest made of moss and feathers laid upon the ground though more could be added as there is room. Cats are usually asked to ask for permission to enter rather than barging in. There is a small stream of freshwater surrounding the high rock, constantly flowing and providing the camp with water to drink.

The warrior's den and apprentice dens are smaller than the leaders' den, as most former Windclan cats had been sleeping under the open sky and only retreating to the den when the weather turns bad. It is enough to hold a few warriors and apprentices though there is a deeper burrow to them that leads into the same den, only split apart by a thin wall of dirt. It is currently reinforced incase of over-population of the dens. The queens and elders dens are on the opposite side of the warrior's den and have almost the exact same setup, though this den is separated by a large dirt wall, soundproofing both sides.

The medicine den is one of the biggest burrows with small dips in the stone to hold herbs. Many moss nests are set up here, tucked into the corner with many objects that would make it more comfortable. Two nests are at the opposite corner, the medicine cat and their apprentice's nest. It is right next to the herbs so that the scent of the sick is not overwhelming.

One of Riverclans landmarks is the Sandy Hollow, a dip in the ground full of course sand and dirt, much like the camp. This is where mentors take their apprentices to train in fighting as there is good footing below the sand and cats can easily get their grip. This also provides the clan a safe place away from camp.

Riverclan also has the Moonpool on their territory, giving an excuse for cats to pass through the territory to get there.

Warrior Code: Following the Warrior Code/Medicine Cat Code is a big must and without it cats would be punished.
Senior Meetings: This is where the leader calls for their deputy and her senior warriors before making a big decision. They will help the leader decide on the correct choice.
Bowing: This is where the honor and loyalty of the clan comes out. Cats are trained to bow to each other even as kittens, as it shows great respect for one another.
Sharing Tongues: Sharing tongues is a way to show love and respect for other cats This is held at any time but most common in the evening. You can groom or share meals with other cats.
Warrior Trials: Warrior trials are quite new, developed when Peachstar took over. These are a bit on the harder side of tasks given to apprentices that are ready to become warriors by their mentors or the leader. Once completed the cat will have a ceremony held for them, earning their warrior names.
Races: Races are also a new tradition developed by Peachstar in order to keep the old Riverclan and Windclan alive. There are either swimming races or running races and are held every two weeks in order to keep the cats healthy and happy.
Flower Decorations: Flower decorations are common in Riverclan just as it was in old Riverclan. Flowers are often put around camp to spice it up and make it less dull.

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