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Shadowclan was once a group of stealth and secrets, taking their opponents in the dead of night with overwhelming force and the determination to survive in the hardest times. However, they didn't survive Darktail's terror upon the clans (as seen in a vision of shadows arc of warriors;) and upon Rowanstar's merging of the old Shadowclan into Skyclan, in this alternate universe, Tigerheart was never lead back - and so the leftover members of Shadowclan, angry and distraught at Rowanstar's cowardice, disappeared into the twolegplace, where they now scheme, generations later, to reclaim their birthright - the pine forest Shadowclan once called home by the lake.

The White Fang is currently lead by Gambit, a risk-taking, thick-headed odd tom who seems to have a muddied genepool and an odd size of stature, with an ego to match. Gambit leads the group to take what they want and do as they please - all he knows is if he protects the band of lost cats, they'll respect him, and together, they can take back what is rightfully theirs - the pines.

LEADER — ❫ Gambit, played by @grubsong.
The leader's word is law, strengthened by nine lives, blessed upon them by the ancestors of the White Fang.

DEPUTY — ❫ name, played by name.
A loyal, steadfast member of the white fang selected by the current leader to be the next one.

MEDIC — ❫ name, played by name.
A cat tasked with the medical upkeep of the clan. May not be as talented or fully trained as the clan's medicine cats, due to the risks of gathering herbs and supplies in twolegplace leaving many medics going missing, or found dead. Usually also in charge of helping the members of the clan learning first aid, in the event of their untimely death. Poor medics get called 'Quack' for short.
MEDIC APPRENTICE — ❫ name, played by name.

the blood and backbone of the clan, the fully grown, matured members of the clan, trained to fight and hunt to survive.

Young cats in training to become warriors, tasked with helping to take care of the wounded, elderly, and weak.

Mothers, either expecting or with a litter of kittens. Female members can choose to retire and become a nurse or assistant for queens, in the forms of babysitters and experienced midwives. Kittens are the youth of the clan, expected to live their days in happiness and protection by their mothers' side.

The elderly of the clan, or those with extreme disabilities/wounds (ie missing eyes, limbs, bedridden, etc). Are expected to live their days in peace until they pass - the clan is expected to hold some respect for them and the time (or body parts) they've sacrificed for the clan.

in the unlikely circumstance the group captures an enemy, they are considered a prisoner, and held under close watch.

full lists of members can be found in the census (link here when up)


The White Fang's territory is significantly diminished from the Shadowclan of old - the Skyclan border lies just outside the old Shadowclan camp, a location constantly under debate between the two clans (but in Skyclan control). From there, they have a sliver of the pines, running from the greenleaf twolegplace by the lake up to the actual twolegplace itself.

What little pines they have are mostly boggy, and while the clan longs for their ancestral home, most other clans don't see why they do. It's a damp, dark copse, with tall pines that crane high above, and the forest floor is blanketed with nuts and pine needles. While you can find the occasional squirrel there, most encounters are of frogs and toads, a usual last-ditch effort for food in the White Fang.

The majority of their territory runs into the twolegplace, and the hills and pines surrounding it. Their Camp is an old, abandoned livestock shed, possibly for sheep - while the animals' scents are long since dead, old hay and signs of twoleg interference still cling around like a ghost. The apprentices, warriors, and elders are mostly divided between the large pens, while the queens stay in what seems to be old chicken coops, more reinforced in the event of an attack. The medic stays in the furthest pen, close to the exit, due to an old leaky pipe connected to the roof's gutters, that collects rainwater for the medic's use.

The clan mostly wander the streets of the twoleg place, about the size of a city block, with the camp disconnected and distant from the twolegplace. The twolegplace is mostly a small country town, with generally modern-ish buildings, with a lot of alleyways and empty, unused backyards - half of the buildings are run down and disused. Some of the buildings include a general store, an old-fashioned cinema, and a petrol station that's still used by the occasional human that walks past - the clan warns to never go near there, known to the group as, occasionally, the 'place where monsters share tongues'.


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