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i'm a nightmareso i'm joining the army

Old, dim bulbs glimmer and flash in and out, cheerful, cheesy music rings out - the Circus has come to town, a magical place where - until you leave - the sun never rises and the fun never ends. Hidden under such cheesy demeanor, though, the Perilune Soiree hides a menagerie of secrets, begging to be found.

Ringleader Redriot Cel Tradat, played by hybern
The leader of the Soiree and the host of the circus, selected by Adhara and bequeathed the groups' darkest secrets, cursed to never speak a word of it, however.

Right Hand Man name, played by name —
The deputy of the group, selected by the Ringleader to be their literal right hand man.

Magician name, played by name —
Magician's Apprentice name, played by name —
The medic(s) of the group, in charge of both the mental and physical health of the clan.

Stagehand(s) name, played by name & name, played by name —
The trusted and active members of the clan selected to help out around the Circus and the city.

sHP: Vendor(s) name, played by name & name, played by name —
Members selected to help run the monetary side of the show - the game booths, or the market's various stands.

Members & The Troupes
The members of the clan are simply called "members", however they can join a troupe if they'd like, associated with various skills and performances. Some of the troupes, so far, is Musicians, Dancers, Comedians, Artists, Acrobats, etc

Guests & Prisoners
As the primary part of the soiree is that it's a show, members of other clans and loners can come and go and visit the show and the markets, but access to the rest of the city is restricted. Occasionally, due to political matters or on the request of Adhara, prisoners will be taken, and kept in one of the cages for performance animals.

The members of the Perilune Soiree make their home in a large circus tent in the middle of an abandoned city.  The buildings are old and crumbling, and most sport a myriad of graffiti long-faded and with unknown meanings.  Despite its rundown appearance, the city itself seems to be festive, especially as you move closer to the big top.  The lights and decorations get more extravagant as the big top comes into view. 

big top & tents: ShowHide
The big top is in the center of a large park and can only be seen at midnight.  If you enter, time will stop.  Stay as long as you wish in the house of magic that these wild creatures call their home.

Within the big top is a large, main, arena where all clan meetings and gatherings are held.  There is a stage in the center of the arena, and it is surrounded by aerial silks, lyres, tightropes, and beams.  The leader will often pick a spot on stage, or even on one of the circus contraptions, to sit on while they host the meeting, the other members watching from the bleachers.

Around the back of the big top is a cluster of smaller tents.  These are the homes of the high positions, four in total.  The largest is for the ring leader, with the others being for the whiteface, the auguste, the tramp, and the magician and their assistant.  These tents are decorated to the hp's liking, save for the outside designs which match the main performance tent.

observatory, telescope & sky pollution: ShowHide
Due to the circus being located in the heart of a city, the area is plagued with dark pollution.  There are never any stars in sight, though there seems to be a constant ghostly glow from a moon that no one can pinpoint.  Despite the pollution, rising above the clouds will give one access to the sight of the night sky.  This is where the observatory comes in.  A large, towering, structure that is separated from the circus and sitting at the top level of a high up office building.  It has a telescope that seems rusted, yet timeless.  No one knows how it got there, only that it works.  During the daytime, there is still a lack of sunlight.  Enough to see by, the world seems oddly shadowed from the pollution.

old library & strelitzia's garden: ShowHide
The gardens of the soirée are inside an old building that’s quite large - about 4 floors, seemingly some sort of humongous library. Most of the books and documents scattered about the multiple floors are somewhat in-tact, but as they were humans’ books, their contents are mostly unreadable and have warn out with age. In the center of the building is what almost looks like an ampitheatre - with no stage. It’s a large room that cuts from the ground floor to the ceiling, with alcoves on each floor, up to the roof, where some sort of incident smashed the gorgeous glass-tiled ceiling wide open. On the floor of this huge room used to be lines of study desks and booths in a star shaped pattern pointing towards the center, but have since been mostly replaced with garden beds. Some still stand but are used to store tools and other things for upkeep. In the center of this room, is an enormous oak tree almost the size the whole building. Nothing seems significant about it except its size and age, but the sound of leaves softly rustling brings a calm to the room. The Garden is actually mostly run by Strelitzia, as she lives in the building where it is situated, but she doesn’t mind if others visit and help - there are strict punishments to anyone who touches her garden.


the primary religion, whether members choose to take it or not, is towards Adhara, the god of darkness. While Adhara is seemingly a neutral god with his own plans, only the leader knows the truth - Adhara is using the clan to steal and absorb life essence, although it's not entirely sure why. The Soiree is designed to trap and sap visitors, however, it doesn't affect the long-standing members of the Soiree. In return for the life force of others, Adhara has cursed the circus' general vicinity to be in a time loop.

The Soiree's "time loop" - the small bubble where the Circus is, is where it's always night. In the city, however, it's constantly dark anyway - the city's sky is blanketed in what seems to be the opposite of light pollution, where a smog-like darkness is constantly in the sky. The only way to see to the sky above is the observatory, as mentioned in territory.


TRADITIONS — The Soiree has some long-standing traditions:

— Troupe initiation: when a new member joins, they are asked to take a leap of faith and walk over a tightrope, or a plank, over a deep pit in the big top. While it seems extremely dangerous, it's actually not - sometimes optical illusions are used to make it look like the new member is walking over a pit of fire, or spikes, etc - but truthfully it's usually just a pit of water, or pillows.

— Eclipses are sacred, considered days of darkness; there’s a prophecy that the planets will align and there's an eclipse that will create eternal darkness, and those who follow Adhara will be protected. Similar to Christianity's take on the end of the world, unbelievers are supposed to be sent to hell. On the day of an Eclipse, the clan gathers for a ceremony, where members can give gifts to Adhara for the protection of them and their families and friends.

— The Market is hosted once a month, on weekends, where each clan is invited to come along and share their wares and buy whatever they'd like, not unlike a farmer's market or a swap meet.

— Each member wears some sort of jewelry/accessory piece that is said to bring good dreams, and keep Adhara happy. Fake charms are often sold to visitors, because of their popularity - the difference is with the members' charms, they're protective. With the souvenirs the visitors, the objects are deliberately cursed to intensify the soul-sucking effect of the carnival.


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i'm a nightmareso i'm joining the army

lion tamer — given to members who have proven themselves in battle
high flier — given to members who have proven their unending loyalty to the group through a great deed
ticket master — given to members who are very social and welcoming
merry go round — given to members who have shown potential, young or old
rising star — given to members who present new ideas and innovations to the group

w o r k  i n  p r o g r e s s

c o m i n g  s o o n


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