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EXTENDED: HP tryouts and clan info recap!
« on: March 29, 2020, 11:22:46 AM »
hey everyone and welcome to the tryout thread for our high positions in the extended game, name pending - it was previously called 'hinterlands' but that was more of a placeholder, if you see guides or info about that, it was previously for our last attempt ;) you'll find the hp application form in the post after this.

About our extended world:
- it's currently a remote planet that's in a suspended orbit close to a sun.
- the world doesn't have an axis, so it's always half-day/half-night
- there's another planet nearby that acts as the world's "moon", as it reflects light and appears in the sky like our moon would - the tribe lives here
- due to how, y'know, plants work, and that half the world is always dark/light, this planet hosts unique plants and life, unlike earth, but also somewhat like it
- an example (even though this was a joke) is a sunflower who grows on the dark side, who, without a sun to stare at, simply faces the floor (rip)
- towards the northern pole is a large section of the world that's divided by a wall of shimmering light - a time rift - stepping through seems to take you to another world, but it's actually the current planet in the far-off future. an entire group lives here, in this "time rift" future.
- the other two groups live in parts of the dark and light side of the planet, respectively.
the clans got shuffled around, currently being worked on!

the dark side clan is Fundament
Spoiler: ShowHide
- their main territory is a dense, mystical swampy forest. lots of rivers and muddy plains
- the territory, much like the soiree's territory, has a lot of unique fauna and flora, but in particular...
- has a lot of interesting mushrooms. varing in size, some towering even above some of the largest dragons. they eminate an eerie glow that lights paths through the forest.
- the forest is very misty/foggy, as well as spores filling the air on it's worst dates.
- while there are various shacks and other decrepit buildings across the swamp, Fundament live in a tiny township, with the heart of the town being the church and the graveyard, where meetings are held.
- the graveyard seems to be mostly unmarked graves, and are a huge mystery - odd noises and sounds can be heard from the graveyard at night.
- also near the camp is an area that seems almost otherworldly compared to the already alien swamp - in a section of the forest, the air is clear, trees sway softly, and the rocks are laced with glowing moss. at the heart of this copse is a lake that glows eerily, but doesn't seem to have any negative effects - aside from drinking it giving people glowing stomachs.
- at the edge of the forest is a barren, ancient battlefield where the sun never shines. the ginormous husk of what was once adhara's past life can be found here, with an altar that only the permitted can enter.

the light side clan is Aphelion Court.
Spoiler: ShowHide
- their main territory is an arid desert, with sparce flora and dangerous fauna.
- however, throughout the desert are cracks and rivets in the land, of which the real home of the Court can be found.
- their camp is found under a tall, thin mesa, where the tunnels underground lead to a beautiful underground jungle - and inside said jungle is a bunch of ruins, where the clan rests.
- while we don't have many locations for the court yet, there's at least an oasis in the desert that members flock to to relax.
- in the deepest depths of the jungle caves are crystal vein caves that lead to the crystal heart, where the sun god aldebaran rests. there's a direct tunnel from the ruins camp to the crystal heart.

on the distant planet is the tribe of frozen stars.
- has a smaller moon that orbits their planet
- they use warp pads to teleport to the planet for aphelion & fundament
- has strong starry/astrology themes!
- likely going to worship Azelfafage, the mother turtle
- wip info rn, being worked on by ethereal!

additional info: the clans, their religions, and the gods.
fundament: is puppeteered by the god of darkness, adhara. they believe that adhara is the one who blessed their side of the world with darkness, and once won a catastrophic war on their behalf.

aphelion court: is championed by the god of the sun, aldebaran. older brother to adhara, he's preformed miracles for the court in the past, including saving the clan from cataclysm. currently also trapped in crystal - he speaks directly with the clan and the leader to lead them against comping apocalypse.

tribe of frozen stars: worship azelfafage, mother of adhara and aldebaran and one of 7 sisters. a motherly goddess, she's known for carrying 'the world' on her back, and is usually interpreted as a starry turtle. while also being doting and motherly, also known for being ferociously defensive.
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Re: EXTENDED: HP tryouts and clan info recap!
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if you're interested in becoming a high position, please fill out the following form!

Username: your username here on griffonage.
Discord Tag: your discord username and number, if applicable.
Character Name: note - not mandatory! if you have a character you think would fit your selected role, let us know! you don't have to have an entire character ready already, however!
Estimated Activity: if griffonage takes off, how often would you check and post on the site?
Clan interest?: which clan do you want to apply for?
Preferred Position: leader, deputy, medic?
Average Roleplay example: only if applying for leader - if you'd like to apply for deputy/medic you can still put one here for fun!
Any ideas?: Any ideas for your selected clan?
Other: anything else you'd like to say!

Code: [Select]
Discord Tag:
Character Name:
Estimated Activity:
Clan interest?:
Preferred Position:
Average roleplay example:
Any ideas?:

Currently taken positions:
Leader: Taken by Grubsongs
Deputy: Taken by Yakan/Phantasmagoria
Medic: Open

Aphelion Court
Leader: Taken by Bonita
Deputy: Open
Medic: Taken by Ethereal

Tribe of Frozen Stars:
Leader: Taken by Ethereal
Deputy: Open
Medic: Open
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Re: EXTENDED: HP tryouts and clan info recap!
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2020, 12:06:59 PM »
Username: wraith (display bonita)
Discord Tag: bonita#2552
Character Name: Berlioz
Estimated Activity: Like... every day. sh i have been keeping an eye on the discord.
Clan interest?: Aphelion Court
Preferred Position: Leader
Average roleplay example:
Spoiler: ShowHide
One step, two step, three step, four. The girl hummed as she stepped daintily through the meadows, prints of frost and ice left in her wake, the flurry above her head leaving a trail of snow where she walked. The girl herself is elegantly, dangerously beautiful and her voice, a gentle tinker alike to winter snowfall, even more so. Eyes of punch hue scan the terrain with undeniable wander in blushed optics, gentle smile alike to a breath of frosted air in wintertime. The scent of pine, chocolate and smoke follow after her, she smells sweet, like a sugar-rush but also like a campfire on a cold, snowy night.

She doesn't know where she is, that much is undeniable but she seems to be enjoying herself as wisps of honey, chocolate, oranges and blueberry dance around the field almost playfully. The wind, it wraps around her shoulders comfortingly like a warm hug beside a fireplace and she finds herself sighing gratefully and falling against the root of an evergreen tree. Her own gentle gaze turns towards a great willow tree visible in the far distance and she smiles again, magnificently colored optics twinkling almost magically against the shine of the slowly rising moon. In the distance she hears what now seem like quiet moans and her heart plummets for the poor souls forever in agony, but what can she do?

Blushed eyes begin to close for the night. The last thing she sees before falling into dreamless slumber is The Gaia, and her last thought, and into the forest I go, to lose my mind, and find my soul.

Any ideas?: thoughts? who has those? may update if the ability returns
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Re: EXTENDED: HP tryouts and clan info recap!
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2020, 03:04:17 AM »
Username: ethereal
Discord Tag: ethereal#1780
Character Name:
Estimated Activity: uhhhh literally like. all the time oop
Clan interest?: Aphelion Court
Preferred Position: Healer or deputy <3
Average roleplay example: UHHH..... u already know..... im lazy.....
Any ideas?: dances.... no thoughts mind empty
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Re: EXTENDED: HP tryouts and clan info recap!
« Reply #4 on: April 22, 2020, 05:27:50 PM »
Username: Yakan ( displayed as Phantasmagoria )
Discord Tag: Phantasmagoria#7411
Character Name: 9S
Estimated Activity: Out of ten, probably a six or seven.
Clan interest?: Fundament
Preferred Position: Deputy
Average roleplay example:
"Who are you?"

The sudden voice had jolted him, the amount of shock coursing through his body making him jump up and spin around in the sand, tossing it everywhere and he'd even backed up a bit into the water behind him. It was clear he had been in a panic, his blue eyes finding that of the not-so-obviously blind coyote that confronted him. 9S doesn't know why he did not sense Ryad far before he had even approached him. The tiredness that had sunk into his bones was far more severe than he thought, he guessed, and that was what had made him vulnerable. I need to be more careful. He reprimands himself mentally, narrowing his eyes at the Solarian. His lips pulled back into a silent snarl as he pointed his sword, Cruel Oath, right at the other without so much of a second thought.

The second question imposed on him makes him falter for a moment, makes him confused. Fictional brows knit together on his forehead as he gives this stranger an incredulous look. "Wha— What the heck is a Solaris?" No, he understood what solaris meant— having to do with the heavens above, space and all of that, the sun, etc. —but whoever this was used it in such a way that 9S could only assume that it was a place or thing that wasn't perceptible by touch. "I- I'm not here to hurt anyone, okay?" He says whilst he aims his sword at Ryad, its metal gleaming dangerously in the harsh white sunlight. This situation was not favorable for him at all. 9S was not programmed to fight like other YoRHa units were. He was built for espionage, data collection, and everything else that didn't include fighting. He would rather avoid conflict if he didn't have to but if he did, then he would face it head-on.

Soon, he relents, his jaws clenched tensely as he utters out, "I'm 9S... and you're obviously not with YoRHa." There were many questions fleeing through his mind right now. So, so many. Was this person sentient like he was now? Had humanity been restored to some extent? His cornflower blue gaze flecked silver flickers up to the moon above ever so briefly before they returned to Ryad, his fur bristling still. Although this guy hadn't attacked him yet, he could not afford to let his guard down. "Who are you, then? Are there others like you?" He had taken into account the words that Ryad had said. Territory had stood out the most to him. Was he to assume then that this one owned this vast desert? No... but then it did not match up with the data he had collected beforehand though, where there was a thick scent line that went, either way, he'd assumed, for quite a while— there was no logical possibility that hinted towards a single person being able to own so much land. It was impossible unless this guy was a tricked-up sentinel in disguise.

Any ideas?: N/A
Other: N/A

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Re: EXTENDED: HP tryouts and clan info recap!
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accepted ofc, everybody's currently added up/updated <3
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Re: EXTENDED: HP tryouts and clan info recap!
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Username: RinRose7 (Display name is Rinaroo)
Discord Tag: Rinaroo#9071
Character Name: Alina
Estimated Activity: around a 6
Clan interest?: Tribe
Preferred Position: Deputy if possible
Average roleplay example: I'll get one up when I'm on my laptop
Any ideas?: n/a
Other: n/a
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Re: EXTENDED: HP tryouts and clan info recap!
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smol note but i'm gonna leave it up to the leaders from now on if apps get accepted <3 so i'll be handling fundament requests, it just seems fair that way since the other leaders probs know what they want!
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