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lazy summer goddess ( 5/8 meeting )
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"Tribe, gather for a meeting at once." her voice rang out strong, emotionless as the kitsune elegantly placed herself on the meeting rock, the sakura petals stirring as she wrapped her tails around her pristine paws. Intense blue eyes stared down at the growing crowd, an ear flicked and she took a deep breath. There was a lot to be talked about in such a short amount of time- Azelfafage was growing restless and as the Starweaver it was her duty to calm her gentle soul.

"The disease that had once ravaged our planet is finally lifted, thanks to the endless work of our Eclipsekeepers." as she spoke, her heart grew heavy as she prepared to give the news. This was a vulnerable time for the Tribe, they had lost so many... So many lives were claimed. "But the disease has claimed the lives of many, it killed the young members training under the Eclipsekeepers, the Polarstars. I hope that Azelf is treating them well, granting them endless fun where they reside." it was always a sad time when children were deceased. "As well as the Eclipsekeepers themselves. With this being said... I am looking for fillers to nearly all of the roles. For now, I will temporarily fill as a healer, and you all can come to me as a therapist, as well." her eyes fluttered shut, a breath of anger- for herself.

"Alina will be promoted to our next Orbitjumper, as the last one... My dearest friend has perished within the time of sickness." though sadness clouded her gaze, her words were spoken with warmth and pride, her head held high. "Alina, your ceremony for promotion shall be held momentarily. When you are ready for the task, please visit me." she stood up, the grief growing too strong. "I do apologize for such a short meeting, but please excuse me. You are all dismissed, continue to grow under Azelf." she rushed her words and leapt off, the petals scattering from the top. Her eyes met the pawprint of paint she left so long ago on the rock and she nearly wanted to hurl before she hurried off to her quarters.
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Re: lazy summer goddess ( 5/8 meeting )
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Hearing the words of their leaders brought the young archer forth, normally she would be cheerful, bright and one of the few who would perhaps bring warmth to other's face. However, a look of solemn danced in the blue lynx's silver gaze while her paw adjusted the bow that laid strung across her back.

Alas, there was always a sort of good news that came with a price, so many had died due to the disease that had ravash them and she had always tried to stay strong, but it had been hard-they all worked so effortlessly to get rid of the raging disease but it had come with a cost. Many died, friends, lovers family and even children. This meeting was not a meeting of a celebration but a meeting to remind them of those who's lives were lost during a hard time. The archer wouldn't forget them, they would be heroes and legends in her eyes.

Though, the next words made her ears perks and she lifted her head, the red streaks underneath her eyes glowing when the sun hit them. The silvered eyed lynxs gaze were wide with surprised but she dipped her head. "Thank you Spiritrush, I won't let you down" she said, her voice normally full of warmth and happiness drowned out with solomness and gratefulness to her leader. Alina wouldn't take the role lightly, no, ahe will show how much she was grateful for given a chance but wouldn't forget the one who had been before her. It was big paws to fill but Alina was determined to make sure that she will hold this position with pride and honor, for those who's lives were lost and in the name of Azelf."Speech,"


Re: lazy summer goddess ( 5/8 meeting )
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Well this was a bit of a party pooper. It seemed Palani had joined with such perfect timing - people were dying, there was a new leader - it was all just jolly, wasn't it? He bit back a sour, snarky response, as much as he craved to let one go. The dragon softly shook himself, craning his long, tender neck to glance towards Spiritrush and Alina; she was the new Orbitjumper, huh? second in command? "Break a leg," he said quietly, just for Alina; he did mean it in a nice way, but his tone made it hard to tell. It almost seemed like a challenge.

Glancing back to Spiritrush, he went silent; he wasn't sure what he could really do in that moment - he wouldn't be so stupid as to, maybe, mock her for her misery, but he wanted to think carefully about his next action. Somewhere in his heart, something pushed him to say, "Let me know if there's anything I can do to help." he almost surprised himself with that, but he hid it from his face. On that note he turned tail and walked away, eager to - hopefully - get some things done himself.