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It had been two days since the previous leader had been seen. He'd said something in their little meeting about going down to the cave, and had since left the camp with only a warning of safety, and had then disappeared. It was with a sinking feeling in his gut that Berlioz had told the jury that he was going to go down to the cave, and that should he not return... well, he didn't know. It wasn't like there were any other high positions.

But he had returned, and with a heavy heart, albeit not as heavy as it likely should have been. It should be known by now that if you were looking for someone 'all there' in a sense, you shouldn't be looking at him, what with inconsistent mentions or references towards a person, seemingly himself but also another, named Toulouse.

He comes to a stop where he had hoped to stand one day, though on different terms no doubt. The previous minister had been a fair and just one, loved by all, and even he had hoped never to see him die. Now, with the crystal hanging around his neck, it seems the day he loathed had finally come.

"Jurors, it is with a heavy heart that I should inform you of the death of your minister." His tone is that of an announcement, although there's a certain wilt in his voice, a different pitch or perhaps a break that suggests he is far more hurt by the unforeseen events than he had hoped to be or show. He turns his face away from those who had gathered then, extraordinarily coloured optics turning to the sky that seems to have taken the same hue as his irises. Yellow. What does it mean?

"In the eye of a hurricane there is quiet, for just a moment, a yellow sky..." by far not a rare sighting, Berlioz's voice seems to travel from him in a low, raspy albeit pleasant rumble that shakes in his chest, his throat vibrating almost vibrantly. It's a daunting sight, for the moment. There stands a man with your leader's crystal 'round his neck, and he's singing. He looks sad, but in a horrifying way, he seems almost volatile in this moment as his fur stands on end and his tails bristle, his spine twitches as if he wants to arch into a defensive stance.

What did he really see in that tunnel?


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Strelitzia had been there for hardly a week, maybe - her brother gone elsewhere - and the leader was already dead. Lovely. It seemed the male now calling them together, crystal round his neck - he was stepping up, huh? Strelitzia let out a sigh. She could only hope her mother was still out there too, unlike the recent leader's demise. She wasn't surprised at all, then, that the adults in her life were useless. What sort of leader up and disappears? Bitterly, she mutters under her breath,  "I hope you have no plans to literally follow your predecessor." was that rude? he was likely mourning, a tiny voice in her head said. But the young she-wolf just shook her head; their leader had a job they had to do, and disappearing wasn't part of the job description.

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