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Strelitzia wasn't someone who found joy much anymore. She was constantly on edge, constantly aware that there was people out there hunting for her across planets, no matter how far - she had a cherished power, and they wanted it. They wanted her mother and they got her too. She was now in the safe haven that was Aphelion Court, but that didn't stop her feeling tense a lot of the time.

That is, until she found a beetle. "Oh my gods." she'd taken to collecting them a while ago, a hobby suggested by her mother - she hadn't even thought about it, for so long, with the whole 'running from home' thing - but this lil' guy was quite a specimen. A male with large horns and a rough exoskeleton; he'd seen a few fights before. Liza had brought her small bug catching bag along with her, just in case for things like this, but she watched curiously as the little guy climbed up onto her paw.

Ecstatic, she let out a gasp of excitement and tried not to move as he crawled about on her fur. "Aren't you a big strong boy? I bet you could beat my dad up!" she giggled, and as he moved towards her face, she gently picked him up and placed him in her bag - thankfully most of the enviroment here was about the same, and considering her room in the temple was already filled with sand, she imagined he'd love the place.

As she padded back into the temple, she glanced about at the members and npcs walking by, as she snuck back to her room. She left the door open, stupidly, but she placed the bag on the floor, and peered at her new friend. "This will be your new home, if you like." she woofed softly to the beetle, and it peered up at her with beady eyes. "Oh my gods, you're so cute." she might have said that a little too loudly.

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Indeed, she had said that a little bit too loudly, because in the next moment, Berlioz was approaching. He seemed almost weary, shoulders brought up about his ears, eyes drooping and movements seemingly sluggish, but that may have been because of the extra responsibilities on his shoulders these days. What with the previous Minister's passing, it had left him in a sole position of power, and while he was happy- he also wasn't. And it showed.

But that didn't matter much. His entire being almost seemed to perk up upon spotting Strelitzia. She was one of the only people he saw anything of these days, which wasn't great for the Court- but then again, there was hardly any activity coming from Fundament or The Tribe these days, either. "What'cha got there, Li?"