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[WW] Unearthly Arboretum
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The Unearthly Arboretum is an area in the Western Woods, a patch of mystical forest just off from the coastal pine stretch.

The Arboretum —
At the center of the forest is an enormous glasshouse, called the 'arboretum'. Trees stretch their branches across the roof of the glasshouse, offering shade to the tiny saplings and herbs inside. Tended to by its residents, the arboretum houses rows of plants in pots, exotic and wild plants growing in its garden, and a tiny study and bedroom at the back, in an attached building called the "Shed".

The Shed —
While only a few rooms wide, the shed is the lodging for those who stay at the arboretum - unlike the forest outside, the arboretum's air is clear and refreshing, and so despite the darkness of the Shed's rooms, it's quite a comfortable stay. A study, with a lone illuminated desk, is to the end of the corridor. The study itself has one wall lined with specimens, seed samples, cuttings and mushrooms of various sorts, while the other wall has a bookshelf with info on a variety of topics. Back down the hallway is multiple rooms, of which they're all quite similar - small, with a "bunk" bed where the upper bunk is instead a nook for the resident to customize as they please, whether it's more books, collectibles, or converted to an actual second bunk. Each room has a tiny window to the forest outside, but vines trickle and seep in occasionally, so it's recommended to keep the window shut.

The Forest & it's fauna and flora —
Unique to The Arboretum, the forest past the glasshouse is alien; plenty of tall, sturdy trees house various small animals and birds, and much like any forest, the ground is gouged with animal dens and paths. Abundant in this forest is a thick fog that hangs thick up to the lowest branches, although disappears on frequent 'clear days'. Members are taught to hunt and rely on their smell over any other sense, as the fog obscures vision and can quieten noise. Familiar and strange herbs can be found abound the forest, along with peculiar mushrooms with umbrella-like tops that shelter and seem to dispel the gloom with an eerie glow of many colours. The mushrooms here grow taller than the trees, with some well over 30 feet.

Glowing Copse and the Pond —
in one particular section of the forest, there's no fog - the air is clear, and in a small area of the woods with little trees, you'll find that the grass glows, almost in a path, towards a pond, with tiny floating wisps and lights. The pond is rather large in size and is abundant with life; the moon shines down from above, making it easy to see through the crystal clear waters below. Drinking the water has an odd side effect - the glow never stops, so members with glowing bellies can often be seen. The fish here, also, have glowing stomachs, and there's often a friendly rivalry between the locals to see who has the brightest stomach by the end of the week by catching fish, and consuming them and the water.

Current Residents —
Ghost (& Lavenza), played by grubby
admin & coder & storage