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fill my cup 《 character storage 》
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Re: fill my cup 《 character storage 》
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❝  BASICS  ❞ ―― blame it on the booze, got you feeling loose
flynn delli malrow | " filly"
name means red, or ruddy
cisgender male | he/him | homosexual/homoromantic | frozen at the age of 19 | does not age
thieves guild | leader of the thieves guild | king of silence
vampire, young and reckless, overwhelmingly kind for the king of thieves

❝  RELATIONSHIPS  ❞ ―― blame it on the 'tron, got you in the zone
npc x npc | no known family member
single | (0) crushes | looking | develops attraction/crushes extremely easily
½ of ship name here

APPEARANCE ―― blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol
CURRENT APPEARANCE: short description; young looking teenage boy with golden eyes, sharp fangs, an sandy brown hair.
flynn is an extremely slim, short boy with golden eyes and soft sandy brown hair. his body is very feminine, and his hair is short, as he often gets it cut enough to stay out of the way. his eyes are a dark, yet bold golden color, that tend to peer out like cat eyes in the dark. his fangs, from his vampirism stick out, which keeps him smiling without his teeth as he does not like being a vampire.
reference link here
mutations: vampirism
accessories: nothing

PERSONALITY & QUIRKS ―― blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol
KEYWORDS: put some short words here that describes their basic personality
flynn is a very nice guy, despite the fact that he is the leader of a very feared guild. growing up an orphan, he has learned not to rely or trust many people but that does not make him angry at the world. he managed to climb his way to the top of the theives guild due to his extremely good negotiation skills and fear tactics that he uses, but he typically is nice to his little family. he has a problem with alcoholism, due to his high tolerance with being a vampire, it takes a long time for him to get drunk but that does not make it any less of a problem for him. he hates his vampirism with every bone in his body but he cannot be cured so he has to learn to deal with it in other ways, hence his drinking.
disorders panic disorder

AESTHETICS ―― blame it on vodka, blame it on the henny
smells like: coffee and wine
colours: hot pink and gold
objects / motifs: to be the world's best thief
pinterest link

INTERACTION ―― blame it on the blue top, got you feeling dizzy
medium physically , extremely easy mentally
heightened senses, extremely agility, wind manipulation, super strength. has no control over any of this
powerplay peaceful actions, ask to powerplay non-peaceful actions
trained himself, not very good at fighting or self defense


Re: fill my cup 《 character storage 》
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❝  BASICS  ❞ ―― if you be the cash
means peace
cisgender female | she/her | closeted bisexual with a preference for girls | 16 years old | ages at roleplayer's discretion
wedor kingdom | youngest princess | no titles
no inspirations. very much to be an outcast within her family

❝  RELATIONSHIPS  ❞ ―― i'll be the rubberband
king x queen | 4 older siblings
unlikely to inherit anything
single | (0) crushes | not looking | develops attraction/crushes fairly easy
½ of ship name here

APPEARANCE ―― you be the match
CURRENT APPEARANCE: short description; ccaramel colored human with naturally pink hair. her eyes are a deep purple, where previous to her 16th birthday, they had been brown. When she eventually figures out she can shapeshift into a dragon, her dragon form is currently about 7 feet tall, covered in completely pink scales and purple eyes.
reference link here
mutations: soon to have horns, and a long dragon like tail. can get ride of the tail, but has to hide the horns
accessories: heart earrings, heart necklace

PERSONALITY & QUIRKS ―― i can be the fuze, boom
KEYWORDS: kind, selfless, adventurous, irritable, somewhat violent
salama is very much known for her kind personality and her overwhelming kindness to others. as of recent days following her 16th birthday, however, she has found it harder to control her anger and irritability. she is really good at hiding it, but she is very easily pissed off, despite not wanting to be known to be rude. she will quite literally give anyone she knows, including peasants, the clothes she carries and any gold she may have, as unlike the rest of her family, she does not want others to suffer. she often finds herself visiting the kingdom in disguise, just to get out the castle and learn how to do things she would never be allowed to learn within its walls.

mbti & hogwarts houses and why
disorders none

AESTHETICS ―― painter baby, you can be the muse
smells like roses and lavender
feels like soft skin
colors include pink and purple
no objects
no pinterest link / no spotify link

INTERACTION ―― i'm the reporter baby, you can be the news
powers include dragon shifting, fire manipulation
powerplay peaceful only
training level low
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