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In the worlds of the Hinterlands, various kinds of animals, mythological creatures and monsters can exist - so it's rather fitting that such creatures also have access to various kinds of magic and enhancing abilities. And while that seems amazing in hindsight, there is also the concern of characters being overpowered - which, of course, is a rule break here. To make sure people can choose the powers they'd like with freedom - while still being fair for everyone - we have a system which classes characters so they can pick from categories.

Pick one of the following four categories:

Fire Elementals:
The ability to control and create fire and smoke; can also be used to create a fire pelt or a smoke pelt.
Earth Elementals:
The ability to shift, mould and create earth; also the ability to control and sprout plants.
Water Elementals:
The ability to control and create water and create ice; can be used to make a water/ice pelt.
Air Elementals:
The ability to control and create air, gusts of wind, and electricity. Can be used to make, for example, a cloud pelt.

Now, pick from ONE of the two following categories.
Psi Powers:
Memory Manipulation
Project/Manipulate Emotions
Super Senses
Character Bond
Space Powers:
Scent Manipulation
Sound and Molecule Manipulation
Additionally, those with the Psi alignment can sometimes sense other Psi Power users.

Finally, choose an "alignment" with one of these two categories:
Light Elementals:
Allows you to conjure small sources of light and create physical objects such as shields, bridges, walls and small objects out of hardlight that vanish after a while.
Dark Elementals:
Allows you to become a dark shadow, conjure shadows, and create extra limbs or reinforced claws of darkness that are brittle and break easily.

and finally, free for all powers that are available to every character if they want them.
The Sight
Item Conjuration

Note: Powers are completely optional, but so long as you only pick one of each of the three categories, you're free to pick your character. Additional powers may be added over time.

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