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who said we would be okay - intro
« on: April 22, 2019, 08:56:40 AM »
COBRA ——— ・゚✧
life in vanaheim was not easy for plenty of people. living in poverty, barely scrapping enough coin to live a decent life. cobra was one of those people. she was a thief, and no she didn't belong to the so-called thieves guild. she hated rules and authority, so she stuck to her own. she had very few friends, and hell of a lot more enemies than she could count on her hands, not that she really cared anymore. all she cared about was getting through the next day, with the hopes of pulling off a big enough heist that she would no longer have to do the petty thefts of robbing merchants, or sleeping with women just to steal their things whilst they slept. it wasn't much a life, but it was cobra's fucked up one. that was for sure. as she walked around, hood over head, her gaze moved over towards the city, more of a province than one of good standing, full of the poor saps that could barely afford a crumb of bread. she hated even going there, so she stuck to herself, shivering slightly as she walked around, clicking her tongue. maybe she would run into someone to steal from out here.